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SERVICE: Reception and Concierge

The approved contractor of Security Guard services, providing quality security services to many organizations & private companies

Reception and Concierge

We recognise the value and importance of innovation and technology and that the only way to continue to provide an unrivalled support service EZ securitymust ensure that it remains ahead of its competition to ensure sustainability, continuity, and busy growth.

Throughout 2020 we have been working on producing a ‘smart watch’ driven business management, welfare, and lone worker device, a one stop for the security industry and related labour-intensive industries where low margins can affect staff resource v profit.


We are now launching ‘Salus’ through our sister company Humanalytics, an app-based management smart tool which will monitor officer well-being and welfare through state of the art human analysis, provides the workforce with task information, has a man down feature which can be remotely activated to provide an audible alarm to assist recovery during dark hours and remote locations, includes a Geo Fenced facility, so that there is no need for patrol tags, booking on and off with check calls is a thing of the past and incorporates a ‘duress’ call sign and much more.

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