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SERVICE: Retail Security

The approved contractor of Security Guard services, providing quality security services to many organizations & private companies

Retail Security

We invest time and energy in our event security officers to train them to deal with a number of scenario situations. Our in-depth training instills and encourages confidence in our officers to protect our reputation and to ensure they live up to the promises we make to our clients.

Our event security experience expands from small to large events. This includes Corporate Events, Exhibitions, Entertainment, and Sports.Our event security officers check and screen all visitors and guests attending your events, ensuring all attendees have an authorised presence. Our officers are trained to pro-actively manage any occurring issues at your event with strategic patrol implementation throughout your entire venue. In addition, our officers will liaise closely with your event management teams providing updates on our operational activities, with the provision of concise reports.

We tailor our security services to meet your individual requirements, conforming with the dress code of your event.


We understand the importance of providing a safe and secure environment for all attendees, staff, contractors, or any visitor’s attending a gathering whether it is inside or outside, our friendly professionally trained people possess the requisite skills to deliver a truly positive experience for all event goers.

From preparing our in-depth initial security risk and H&S assessment details to wrapping it all up, our people will be there from beginning to end ensuring your event runs smoothly and event free and making the event goers visit a truly amazing experience.

We Provide Security Services That Matches Your Needs & Your Budget!

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