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SERVICE: Manned Guards

The approved contractor of Security Guard services, providing quality security services to many organizations & private companies

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More than five decades in industry gives us the power to perform every day and every time.

“Our professional and robust service delivery based on the EZ Security ensures as part our first line of selection and recruitment seeks to only employ driven individuals who share a ‘want to’ level of enthusiasm and commitment!
EZ security through its experienced champions of specified services in a wide range of business sectors, from construction sites to top corporate environments and from large national events to the local fairs offer the very best security advice, and service lines based on past experiences and then blended with the very latest operational practices and use of technology, our security designs can be adapted to meet every need?”


Service FAQ’s

Public Sector

EZ Security provide comprehensive security packages and risk reduction strategies to an increasing number of public sector organisations.

Great emphasis is put on providing solutions that make a real difference, deliver best value, and minimise our client’s exposure to the risks associated with providing cost effective public services.

Working closely, and in partnership with our customers we ensure that all staff assigned to public sector contracts are ready to meet the real challenge of providing outstanding service, exceptional customer care, and improve the end user experience.

We have extensive experience in providing services to HMRC & EU transition sites, HM Courts & Tribunals Service, council properties, libraries, public and national parks, national and regional government centres.


EZ Security understand retailer’s concerns regarding risk management and loss prevention. All our security officers and store detectives are highly trained and retail sector experienced. Our officers are also SIA licensed and undergo rigorous DBS screening.

We have vast experience in delivering retail security to multiple renowned retail outlets and supermarkets. We have a proven track-record in reducing stockless, securing client property, and consistently protecting staff and customers.

Our retail officers aim to prevent internal and external theft with 24/7 surveillance. Our officers will patrol your retail premises in uniform or undercover attire to report and deter shoplifters which enables store managers and staff to focus on their daily retail business performance and responsibilities.

All our retail officers are trained to consistently use sound judgment and respectful customer service, while preventing security defects and ensuring potential vulnerabilities are always protected.

Hotel Security

Our highly trained and motivated corporate team of officers will ensure your customers will experience only the very best of service excellence while protecting your building from any possible security threats or risks or criminal activity.

To ensure we deliver excellent services, we focus on staff training and development and customer feedback to monitor quality standards. Our professional staff are presentable, reliable, and act as an extension to the brand image of your organisation and tailor officers clothing to your requirements. EZ securityhave vast experience in the hospitality sector, and recognise the vulnerabilities surrounding hotel properties and the significant need for high-level vigilant safety. Our main priority is to protect public safety to staff and guests while safeguarding personal belongings, vehicles and baggage. Overall, we aim to amplify your customer experience by maintaining a secure comfortable environment, ensuring all guests and visitors receive a 5star service.

Our Hotel Security Service provisions include:

  • Secure baggage handling
  • 24/7 CCTV Monitoring
  • Visitor Care
  • Guest Escorting
  • Front of House
  • Package and delivery security
  • Concierge
  • Manned guarding to hotel access points, lobbies, and hotel carparks
  • Rapid emergency response teams

Corporate & Business Sectors

EZ Security is proud to offer your corporation years of extensive experience built from our experiences working with global and national corporate clients, prestigious properties and landmark buildings, banking headquarters and legal institutions. Our valuable expertise is integrated to assist corporate clients from an early stage to identify and effectively manage any developments which may threaten the resilience, survival, and optimised efficiency of your corporation.

To find out how EZ Security corporate security expertise can help you, contact us today.

Health Care

EZ Security has been providing effective security solutions to variety of businesses and organisations within healthcare from private clinics to large NHS hospitals.

We operate a dedicated NHS security management team, with extensive access to skilled and trained management. This structure enables us to adapt to our healthcare clients’ needs quickly and to provide comprehensive, high-quality protection. With our extensive knowledge and expertise EZ will keep your patients, staff, and property properly secure – no matter what type of healthcare establishment you operate.

Property & Estate

Insolvency practitioners, property managers and landlords need discretion, trust and responsiveness when managing multiple closures and vacant properties. Vacant properties within the commercial, industrial, office and retail premises can easily become targets for anti-social behaviour, arson, fly-tipping, trespassing, and squatting. All of these can place an additional burden on landlords and owners, particularly when it comes to costs.

EZ Security experienced teams provide first-rate vacant property security to ensure sites, assets and stock are quickly protected.

Rail & Transport

With our knowledge and experience, our teams at EZ Security provide an approach where safety, security, and emergency management meet to mitigate all potential hazards.

This includes the development of preliminary hazard analyses, threats and vulnerability assessments, safety and security operations and emergency preparedness and finally system safety program development and implementation.

All our Railway Officers are highly trained in track safety to deliver a fully compliant, skilled service across all parts of the rail sector. EZ hold all relevant accreditation to work in the railway industry and is RISQS approved.

Dog Patrols

EZ Security are NASU accredited (National Association of Security Dog Users) and use recognised guarding breeds in compliance to British standards BS8517 which include Dobermans, German Shepherds, and Rottweilers. We have the best trained canine dog patrol units in the industry with highly trained dog handlers that have undergone extensive training and have vast experience in implementing dog patrol units on our client sites.

EZ Security dog patrol units are an effective crime deterrent measure for high-risk sites or events and can perform the work of four patrol officers. Our security dogs have an outstanding ability to detect scent, sound and suspicious behavior, therefore providing an effective security measure for crowded areas and sites with a high footfall.

Our NASDU accredited Dog Patrol Units provide our clients with:

  • Property Protection
  • Foot tracking
  • Human location detection
  • Highly trained dog handlers
  • Uniform provision in-line with site events

CCTV Monitoring

EZ Security offer the very latest in CCTV technology and provide our clients with 24-hour, 7 days a week Alarm Monitoring and CCTV surveillance. Our systems are managed by our head office security control room, recording any occurring threats, antisocial behavior or criminal activities for evidential purposes.

From single camera monitoring to multi-site surveillance, we can protect your business in a rapid and efficient response time. Our camera surveillance systems give you unparalleled image detail and offers DVR recording, hard disk storage and IP based solutions, enabling you to monitor your business premises remotely via the internet. EZ Security work with a wide range of businesses that vary in size and industry, from commercial property, retail outlets and multi-site portfolios. Our expert UK based teams can provide you with on-the-go CCTV maintenance, and our specialist trained engineers can also design and install new security installations, CCTV cameras and upgrades. Our qualified assessors will ensure you have the right system in place to suit your needs and requirements.

Key Holding Services

EZ offer full Keyholding & Alarm Response services based on geographical location.

Why have the hassle or take the Health & Safety risk of attending to your alarm activations in the middle of the night. EZ can offer highly trained mobile response officers to attend in the event of alarm activations.

Our fully operational response vehicles are available 24/7 for call out, and we offer a quick attendance time in our areas of coverage.

Our annual keyholding charge and call out fees are the most competitive on the market. So, for the cost of a small annual keyholding fee why not have peace of mind your business is fully protected. Remember, there are no other fees or charges unless we are called to attend, and we also provide free deterrent signage for your premises.

EZ also offer an open up and lock down service for businesses in our region such as office blocks and industrial estates. Please call us for a free visit and a bespoke quote.

Construction & Compound

Expensive machinery, plant and tools left on site overnight or alone at weekends creates an unwanted interest in the opportunist thief, organised crime gangs or wilful vandalism.

It is essential to effectively deter theft or vandalism and we do this through understanding local knowledge and then using intelligence led solutions to assist our teams to deliver an unparalleled service.

Vacant Property Inspections

EZ recognise the importance of securing your property assets. If you are responsible for vacant properties, our service ensures that you are compliant with your insurer’s code of practice as quickly, efficiently and cost effectively as possible.

Our fleet of highly visible, modern vehicles are deployed from a network of managed regional offices and remain in specific areas managing a portfolio of sites.

Our Officers deliver all services using our bespoke Mobile Application; PIR (Patrol-Inspect-Respond) which provides a full electronic report and GPS footprint for the delivery of vacant property inspections.

Our officers will visit your vacant property at an agreed frequency to complete inspections in line with insurance or landlord requirements.

We will ensure services and utilities are turned off and the status of the property is reported.

We can adapt any current paper form that may be in use and integrate this into our systems so that it can be completed electronically providing the completed report as close to real time as possible.

Reception & Concierge Services

EZ Security have vast experience in providing elite reception and concierge services to high profile organisations. We understand the significance that reception and concierge services bring to our client's sites and will ensure your customers and visitors all receive a 5-star welcome, while representing the face of your company.

We provide concierge, reception, and front of house services to the most important areas of our client’s business. We believe in upholding our client’s image and reputation while aligning our services to match our client’s brand identity, ethos, and corporate culture.

All our professional reception and concierge staff are security trained with extensive hospitality experience and constant attention to detail, adding value to their customer focused approach and etiquette. Our services provide risk elimination protecting all guests, while identifying additional innovative requirements through our site evaluations.

We Provide Security Services That Matches Your Needs & Your Budget!

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